Student Spotlight: Meghna Girish

By Meghna Girish, a student of MA program in Art Therapy, 2016-2017 Cohort. My name is Meghna Girish and I am from India, the country known for its unity in diversity. I’ve spent all my life in Ind…

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Alumni Becomes Art Therapist in the UK

Graduate Life in Haifa

Blog post written by Jennifer Turgeman, a graduate of the master’s in Art Therapy, class of 2013. 


I am a 2013 graduate of the Creative Arts Therapies master’s program, and since then I have moved to the UK six months ago, became a qualified and registered art therapist through HCPC and BAAT in November 2015.

In July 2015, I started doing my “shana gimel” post-graduate internship at Blenheim CDP (prior to being qualified), which is a registered charity in the UK helping adults and families with substance misuse, particularly alcohol and drugs. I have been working at three main centres under Blenheim CDP, offering my services as an art therapy group facilitator with two groups in an alcohol service centre. One group is an open-studio art therapy group and I am due to start working with another group in January 2016 for women only. In addition to my two…

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Working the pre-artwork on the mural: on the road to resilence


onthepath mural project

Wow times flies…we have started the spring semester…While I am waiting for all art supplies to arrive and figure out the logistics of the mural project I am collecting information from International Students…So this is a shout out to the international crowd: I am after volunteers in the social community of international students at the University of Haifa. I would like to collect stories to inspire the mural project and for whoever is up to there is the chance to contribute hands on…Art heals and empowers and everyone is creative so I really welcome anyone from any background to get involved:)

Anyone wants to sit down for a juice, tea or coffee and chat about their experience of dealing with trauma and how they overcame it? It is just an informal chat in which I would like to explore creative ways to handle trauma and how resilience helps to move forward and…

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NAMAL Project Volunteering Endeavors Cont’d

Graduate Life in Haifa

Written by Kirstie Nel, international student in the Art Therapy Master’s program at the University of Haifa International School.

NAMAL Project – check in with Liz Yung

Relaxation box “Relaxation Box”

I had finally been able to talk to Liz, the instructor running the group sessions for NAMAL (created by Prof. Ester Cohen, a post-traumatic play specialist and operated by the Israeli Psycho-trauma Center). Unfortunately the group sessions ended in January and due to my own study obligations it was just not feasible for myself to attend any sessions in that time. In addition, the future of NAMAL is uncertain and new groups in 2016 are still yet to be confirmed.

I had a good conversation with Liz about the NAMAL project over the telephone.  Liz is an amazing woman and has been involved with NAMAL for 8 years. Other than NAMAL, she works as a pre-school teacher at a kibbutz near…

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Looking at my Self Portrait: 生き甲斐 (Ikigai)


Recently I have been working on a personal art project for one of my classes for the MA in Expressive Arts Therapies with Art Therapy as specialization. The experiential course in Materials and Creative Processes class with super inspiring lecturer, artist and art therapist Dr. Tsaphie Zohar, Ph.D.

Throughout the course we got to explore hands on and understand the therapeutic utility and psychological influence of art processes, and the therapeutic qualities of art materials.  The course really enabled the experiential encounter with the art therapy world, and allowed me to delve deeper into the use of different art materials in relations to therapeutic intervention. In class we got to experience different media and look at processes and products considering the mental states, different populations and patients’ needs.

Looking at my Self Portrait: 生き甲斐 (Ikigai),

This project started with exploring different materials and settings. The more I was working with materials the…

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Pop Up Art Exhibit in Haifa – Student Reflection

Graduate Life in Haifa

Written by Kirstie Nel, student in the Masters’ program in Art Therapy

Photo Dec 20, 1 46 39 PM Artwork from students in Art Therapy program at the University of Haifa

Visit to Pop and Op Art Exhibition @ Haifa Museum of Art

I was never a big fan of the Pop Art era or artists today that draw from it stylistically, but the Pop and Op Art exhibition at Haifa Museum of Art gave me new appreciation for the art movement. The exhibition titled; From Andy Warhol to the Present Day: Culture, Color, Body, gives an overview of the past and present engagement of artists that would fall under the banner of “Pop Art”.

The exhibition statement reads:

In 1963 Andy Warhol proclaimed, “I want to be a machine,” thereby noting the loss of authenticity in contemporary culture, and with it, the loss of legitimacy of the artist’s emotional expression. The discussion of the representation of the real…

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Creating a mural “on the road to resilience”

Graduate Life in Haifa

Written by Lizzie, Art Therapy master’s student

blog 1I have been pondering on how to tackle this interesting Art Therapy project involving social community of international students at the University of Haifa. Given the broad and challenging topic of trauma for this year I have been exploring which angle to take and what to focus on. What has been continuing to fascinate me is the power of resilience and how one reacts to trauma, a sort of rebirth of the Self with new inner strength, more awareness and empowerment. There is a transformation taking place: moving forward from trauma and going back to the world, the community and the social/private life. Cultivating resilience through creative practices of expressive arts therapy allows fostering strengths (Malchiodi, 2008: 2011). “Trauma-informed art therapy is based on the idea that art expression is helpful in reconnecting implicit (sensory) and explicit (declarative) memories of trauma and in…

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