NAMAL Project Volunteering Endeavors Cont’d

Graduate Life in Haifa

Written by Kirstie Nel, international student in the Art Therapy Master’s program at the University of Haifa International School.

NAMAL Project – check in with Liz Yung

Relaxation box “Relaxation Box”

I had finally been able to talk to Liz, the instructor running the group sessions for NAMAL (created by Prof. Ester Cohen, a post-traumatic play specialist and operated by the Israeli Psycho-trauma Center). Unfortunately the group sessions ended in January and due to my own study obligations it was just not feasible for myself to attend any sessions in that time. In addition, the future of NAMAL is uncertain and new groups in 2016 are still yet to be confirmed.

I had a good conversation with Liz about the NAMAL project over the telephone.  Liz is an amazing woman and has been involved with NAMAL for 8 years. Other than NAMAL, she works as a pre-school teacher at a kibbutz near…

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